Microsoft office is constantly coming out with different innovations that make-work easier.  In 2010 we had Microsoft 10, in 2013 it was Microsoft 13, and Microsoft 16 and also Microsoft 365. To upgrade your Microsoft, buy Microsoft office 2016 cheap, which you can easily get at a reasonable price.

The idea of Microsoft is to make life easy for every one in which we can practically achieve almost everything we want too at a speedy rate. Everyone uses Microsoft on their laptops or PC, for presentation in your office, preparation of document and many other things.

But do you know that there is a lot f more things that Microsoft can do for you?

So you are now wondering what that could be, ok, and here are five different things that Microsoft office can do for you that you do not know about or don’t know.


Language Packs


Many people do not know that Microsoft has made provision for language packs. If you are using a Microsoft office 2010 or you are using a Window 7, you might be aware that this language package is present, but it is a common feature that you can download and enjoy.


Microsoft and the Social Connector


Most people have noticed this social connector but have not paid attention to it. This is a free add-on for Microsoft outlook that allows you to check and see updates from your contacts on all social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and others. Microsoft is give its users a room to personalize the use of social media at convenience.


Ribbon Hero


For a lot of people that who are Microsoft Power users and are not ready in any way to have boring tutorials, Ribbon Hero is the best for you. All those that uses Windows and Microsoft Office can download it for free and enjoy the functions and easy to use ability. It is flexible to use in that you can save your work and open to see where you stopped, and also get tutorials that are tailored to you.


Go Scientific


Those that work with a chemical compounds, mathematical formulas and are thinking of ways to keep their work neat, then the Microsoft office for chemical and mathematics add will go a long way to assist. The flexibility of this feature helps you to add, and modify formulas and swiftly plot a 2D and 3D graph to suite you also


Opening the New Microsoft Office File Format


For those that run a Microsoft office 2003 or anyone that is earlier than that, you will have noticed that there are some mails you received with an attachment that is in 2007 Microsoft office format. To open sure files, you need to upgrade your Microsoft or simply download the Microsoft office compatibility pack. Which will enable you to open any Microsoft file.


Microsoft office is constantly upgrading to become better and allow flexibility for its users. Most people who use the old versions of Microsoft office might find it difficult to operate files sent using the news version. So here are some of the ways you can maximize the use of your Microsoft office.