Here are some DIY tips to fix your headphones


Broken headphones can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t know any DIY tips to fix them. The costs of repair in professional services may well exceed the actual price of the new headphones. So, if you want to save some money on repair and avoid buying new set of headphones, we recommend you to learn these simple DIY hacks and fix them yourself. Who knows – maybe you will become an expert in broken headphones and raise an additional stream of income!


Tip #1 Diagnose the problem

 There are several critical points to look for with every set of headphones. Before you start, you should check out the cable connection, the jack and the ear pads. By bending the cable you will discover whether it’s working properly or not. If you push the jack hard enough and the headphones still doesn’t work, then you’ll know where the problem is. Make sure you check for all the options before you actually go into and split them into pieces.


Tip #2 Check out the jack

 One of the most common sources of broken headphones is the jack. We usually don’t think about removing headphones gently from the computer or phone. When we’re pulling the jack to harsh, it may get damaged and cause connectivity problems.

In order to check if the jack is working properly, you need to press it hard to the base. If there’s no connectivity, you need to replace it by cutting of the old jack with the scissors (if the jack is molded in plastic) or unscrewing it from the cable. Strip wires with wire stripper and fit the plug parts over the cable.

The next step is to connect them to the probes as follows: a bare copper wire (uninsulated one) connect to the longest piece of the metal. The other two connect to the remaining probes. Since there isn’t a universal marking for left and right audio wires, you should be careful before you connect them to the probes because you might connect them wrongly.


Tip #3 Check out the cable

 Another common source of broken headphones is broken cable. When you don’t fold it properly or you fold it too many times and on the wrong spots, it may get disrupted and cause the interrupted signal in your headphones.

If you twist the cable and there is no audio signal returning, you should replace it. Here’s how you will do it: strip off the insulation from the cable and remove the first two inches from the top. Then slice the cable with a knife (make sure you don’t cut too deeply!) until you find a broken spot. If it turns out that only one wire is broken, you don’t have to cut it off. Instead, use solder and solder iron to fix the broken wire.


Tip #4 Remove the pads

 If there are no physical damages on your headphones, you might want to look inside the pads.

Another common problem that damages the headphones is unplugged wire or dirt inside the pads. Carefully remove the pads and unscrew the top of the headphones. If there’s dirt inside, clean it gently with cotton stick and alcohol. If there’s a detached wire, solder it back into the right place.


Tip #5 Test

When you finish with repairing, make sure you test your headphones. If you followed this instruction, everything should turn out just fine.


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