Best features of Mac OS Mojave

Apple has constantly been upgrading.   In terms of products and also in terms of software the evolution is very much evident. Every time Mac OS comes with the new version, it never misses to mesmerize and makes sure to set the bar high making the competition very difficult. In this article, we shall see the best features of Mac OS Mojave.

Dark Mode

The High Sierra gives the users the option to turn the menu bar and the dock to dark shades. To turn it into dark colors click the Apple logo on the screen and choose System Preferences. Now click general and in Appearances click Dark. The stock apps such as Safari, photos, and calendar will turn dark in color. For people who spend a long time on the system, this will be a lot helpful.

Dynamic Desktop

Dynamic Desktop is the feature that allows you to have a different screen experience at different times of the day. With Mojave’s Dynamic Desktop feature the screen is bright during the day, and it becomes dark as the sun goes down.  To enable Dynamic Desktop feature click System Preferences and select the Desktop & Screen Saver option. Now click the Dynamic Desktop option from Desktop.

Desktop Stacks

Desktop stacks is a feature from Mojave that offers a perfect solution for a messy desktop with a lot of icons. Just right click on the desktop screen and select Use stacks. It cleans up all the mess in that the user has created on the desktop with the icons.

Screen Shot Markups

The screenshot markup feature is one of the most useful apps in the Mac OS. A few years back you need a separate app for screenshots. After taking the screenshot, the Mojave present the user with some options. Some of the options include, sketch, draw, add text, shapes and so on.

Screenshot utility

Mojave provides its users with the shortcut to screenshot feature through screenshot utility.  If you are a person who cannot memorize the shortcuts, then this will be a perfect solution. Just press the combination Cmd+Shift+5, the screenshot utility bar will appear. You have a lot of options in the bar from which you can choose.

Continuity Camera

The Continuity Camera is an option that allows you to take a picture using your Mac. You can take the standard picture, or you can iOS scan the document. It detects the document in the frame and removes everything else. It also fixes issues like stretches and Skewing. If you have Mojave and a device running on iOS 12, the document scanning will become easier.

Task Manager

The task manager mac is called as the activity monitor. You can launch the task manager through the Launch Pad.  After it is launched, you can click on the application that you need to end and click Quit Process. You will get a warning dialog box where you need to click quit again.

The App store

The new App Store is much faster when compared to the old ones and is easy to navigate. The Discover option features some of the selected content, and it is actual use. There are four main sections of the App Store. They are Create, Work, Play and Develop.