The Best Gaming Conferences to Attend in 2018

The conferences have now become an essential part of the gaming world. There are many top gaming companies that organize several conferences during the year. These conferences are supposed to make some improvements to the current gaming industry. And there are many top companies that launch their games during these conferences. Therefore, the gamers love to go to such conferences so that they can learn more about the industry they are connected. The gamers actually have developed a gaming addiction that doesn’t let them stay away from this world in any condition.

Some of the gaming conferences are organized online and some conferences are organized in different parts of the world. Thus, the gamers come to attend these conferences and they meet many people that have the same interests that they have. So, it is an incredible experience that one can have. And the best part is that they find some new friends that prove to be very helpful in their future development.

The games are getting more and more complicated with the time and this is what entices the gamers to stay engaged with this world. Well, these conferences are not only good for the gamers but the game developers may also find many helpful things during these conferences. Therefore, they should also go and attend these conferences so that they can produce something really exciting for the gamers.

Here is the information about the best gaming conferences you should attend in 2018.

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo is a very popular name in the gaming industry. And every gamer that loves playing high-quality games is familiar with this name. So, there is no need to provide an introduction. However, there is something that many gamers do not know about Nintendo. Nintendo team organizes international conferences every year and the detail about the conferences is shared on their online website.

They organize a conference every 2-3 months. So, you can become a part of these conferences to enhance your knowledge of the gaming industry. The best part about these conferences is that they are displayed online. So, anybody can become a part of the conference while sitting in their own home.

CES conferences

CES is a well-known name in the electronics and they also organize gaming conferences to spread the knowledge among people. They had decided to organize two conferences in 2018. The first conference was launched in January and the next conference will be organized in September. So, if you want to become a part of the conference, you must book a ticket to Las Vegas because the conference will be organized in Las Vegas.


QuakeCon is also a very popular name in the software industry and they have also developed several top games in the past few years. They are organizing a conference in August in Dallas. So, you can book a ticket to Dallas if you want to attend this conference. Click Here and find more information about the best gaming conferences you can attend in 2018.