How to balance your work and personal life


Maintaining a good career and personal balance often becomes tricky due to the massive layoffs in our places of work. You resolve to give your whole and even go an extra mile putting in more hours to forestall any potential dismissal. What is the outcome? Your work continually encroaches on your personal life. There is hope, though.  How to balance your work and personal life? There are a lot of online articles like A Blueprint for Effective Employee Engagement Programs that can be of great help.

 Practice Time Management

Avoid time wastage and instead, utilize every opportunity to complete your assignment, to beat the deadline and to close that deal. That way, you will realize you have actually completed everything that is required of you. The pressure to take home your work diminishes and you find yourself enjoying a good evening rest in the company of your loved ones.


Set your priorities right and avoid spending too much time on non-important tasks. By prioritizing well, any time an emergency arises, you do not find yourself in a dilemma about what to start with and what to wait. So, create a list of all crucial elements in your life. Allocate spiritual and family matters adequate time. Review the list and rank them accordingly; let the most important come first and the least important come last.

Create time for rest

As you plan your time, be sure to include time to recharge, spend time with your loved ones and any activity that helps you relax. If you are an ardent football fan, let this be an incentive to spend your time wisely lest you cancel it. Create time to exercise before starting your day because doing so gives you all the energy you need to remain productive throughout the day.

Utilize technology

The technology was invented to make your life simpler and more efficient, not to help you waste time and take control of you. So, make a conscious effort to ban technology at certain times and instead focus on your work, friends and loved ones. Telecommute from time to time and you will be surprised by how much time you will save. Telecommuting enables you to focus on your work for extend periods at a time and use the remaining time to attend to personal responsibilities. Missing one or two deadlines is common.

Turn Down More Responsibilities

Learning to say No will help you avert spillover of work into your personal life. There are ways to respectfully and politely decline extra responsibilities without appearing rude or disinterested. So, avoid taking up roles out of fear and you will have more time to concentrate on core activities that you are passionate about. Acknowledge that you are a human being and as such, it is not possible to always complete tasks and beat deadlines.


Provided you take the necessary steps and understand the value of every aspect of life, balancing your work and personal life is not impossible. Practice time management and differentiate urgent matters from those that can wait. Besides adopting the other strategies above remember to schedule some time to recharge. Rest times are as important as other aspects of your life.