The Many Benefits Of Digital Receipts

A digital receipt or an electronic receipt is something that is an incredibly powerful tool which can help you get organized, stay productive and even save some time from your busy workday. They are immensely beneficial for the environment because it reduces the number of trees being cut since the receipts are digital and not printed on paper. It even reduces the risk of cancer since some chemicals which are used on receipts have cancerous properties. There are even more benefits to adapting to the digital receipt trend; if you are a retailer, you should definitely get started on implementing this in your store.

–    When you go digital, there are no more endless mounds of paper clutter in your car or in your room, which you have to save or keep track of for your taxes. You can stay well organised and continue on with your day.

–    You can have the receipt e-mailed to you or have it sent to you in the form of a text message.

–    Some thermal paper receipts are not recyclable, so e-receipts will completely cut these out.

–    If you go paperless, it extends beyond the receipts, most of the software’s which scan your documents in banks would prefer it if it were digitised.

–    When and if the IRS requires you to produce a receipt you don’t have to go through all your clutter, you can just print it from your phone or tablet and print it.

–     The brilliant move to a cloud-based accounting way which inherently decreases the need for paper receipts. The new platforms give us a way to process the proof of transactions in a greenway.

–    Did you know that even merchants prefer digital receipts because it diminishes the need to produce physical paper for the printing of the bills?

–    Use a smartphone for receipt scanning, this is immensely helpful and a perfect green initiative. If and when you are away from your home or your office, you can just pull up the details on your phone; you never have to worry about not having a receipt because it goes wherever you go, on your phone.

–    It is undoubtedly easier to share the details with your tax professional or your accountant with just a click of a button.

–    Save a lot of money of reducing the usage of ink for your printers in your office and in your home.

All of the above reduces the amount of non-recyclable paper, which just gets dumped in landfills. And the size of these landfills is becoming greater and greater every year. Paper receipts amount to millions of tons of waste in a year; a digital solution can chop these numbers down.